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Cert Tarot Oracle Reader

Find Clarity in Life With a Cert Tarot Oracle Reader & Psychic Medium!

The search for understanding beyond our grasp is a tale as old as time. Whether we are trying to look into the future, into our past, or beyond the veil of life itself, these answers can feel elusive and out of reach. While there are no guaranteed ways to part the veil that information may hide behind in the spiritual world, the assistance of a psychic and Cert Tarot Oracle Reader can be a life-changing experience.

Maria the Clairvoyant is a psychic and cert Tarot Oracle Reader with 25 years of experience in the field. More than just a psychic and spiritual medium, Maria endeavors to provide her clients with the spiritual services that they need to find peace of mind.

What Are Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?

To get the most out of a session with a Cert Tarot Oracle Reader and psychic, we need to understand two of the major tools that will be in their rotation, Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards. While laymen may use the two terms interchangeably, they are very much different.


  • Tarot Cards - A Tarot Deck typically features 78 cards, each designed with its own specific symbolism, imagery, and story. A professional tarot reader can use these cards along with their intuition to find guidance for their clients.

  • Oracle Cards - An Oracle Deck is set up in a different manner than a Tarot deck. Oracle Decks feature roughly 80 cards and feature fewer restrictions than the common Tarot deck. Oracle cards may contain anything from self-care insights to messages from divine sources on the other side.

Enjoy the benefits of a cert Tarot Oracle Reader from the comfort of home. Simply fill out a contact form and let Maria the Clairvoyant fulfill the rest. Clarity and insight await when we know where to look!

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