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Spiritual Medium

Maria the Clairvoyant is the Spiritual Medium You Can Trust.

Maria the Clairvoyant is a spiritual coach and spiritual medium offering services to clients throughout the world. A certified Reiki Practitioner and Certified Tarot Oracle Reader, Maria has more than 25 years of experience to draw upon while helping her clients to unveil the truths that they need to hear.

In order to demystify questions that are stuck in our mind, we can turn to a spiritual medium for a number of beneficial spiritual services. Whether we have ever visited a psychic before, Maria the Clairvoyant has the tools and demeanor necessary to relax, unwind, and unveil the mysteries that we are seeking to clarify.

Let us take a few moments to highlight a couple of reasons to turn to a spiritual medium in our times of need.


  • Personal and Professional Energy Cleansing - Negative energy can glom onto us, manifesting in all walks of our life. When negative energy starts to impact us at home or at work, we can turn to a spiritual coach or spiritual medium for guidance. Maria the Clairvoyant offers personal house and business cleansing services to assist in clearing the negative energy that is clouding our lives.

  • Tarot Card Readings - A spiritual medium with skills pertaining to the Tarot can be a source of information, support, and guidance. Tarot Card Readings can guide us through our Love, Luck, Past Life, and Career Endeavors.

  • Psychic Readings - The calling card of a talented psychic professional, psychic readings are a chance for us to interface with our spirit guides and guardian angels through a spiritual medium. These sessions can provide us with positive guidance, reassurance, and support in areas where we feel most compelled to search for them.

To enjoy the stunning services of Maria the Clairvoyant, take some time to browse her official website. Settle on the services that we feel a connection to before booking an introductory appointment.

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