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Reiki Crystal Energy Healing

Embrace Wellness with Reiki Crystal Energy Healing By Maria the Clairvoyant!

The world of Reiki Crystal Energy Healing came to life under the care of Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. A noted Reiki practitioner, Mikao would teach Reiki Energy Healing to thousands of people throughout his life before passing away in 1926. Now, years later, Maria the Clairvoyant continues to offer Reiki crystal energy healings to those in need.

Maria the Clairvoyant is a psychic and spiritual medium with 25 years of experience in the industry. A certified Reiki Practitioner that uses crystals to help open our chakras, here are all the ways that Maria the Clairvoyant can support our journey of healing and foresight into the future.

Reiki Crystal Energy Healings: What Do I Need To Know?

When we discuss Reiki energy healing, we are discussing a form of energy therapy. Advocates of Reiki healings point to the many benefits that the service can provide, from peace of mind to pain relief. While every Reiki practitioner will bring their own flair to the act, some things remain consistent across the spectrum.


  • Promoting Balance & Harmony - Often clients will turn to Reiki Crystal Healing as a way to promote balance, wholeness, and harmony within their lives. An effective way to promote health and wellness, Reiki can be used as a part of our mindful day, providing our mind, body, and spirit with the restoration that they need.

  • Eradicate Tensions, Clear Negativity - Reiki healing is a hands-free approach to self-repair. Through frequent sessions with a Reiki specialist, we can flush our bodies of the toxins and negativity that we have accumulated throughout our life.

  • Induce Spiritual Growth - Reiki focuses on more than just our body, it focuses on our entire being. Positivity transfers from practitioner to patient while helping to promote healing from within for both the mind and the spirit.

Contact Maria the Clairvoyant today to begin a spiritual journey under the auspices of Reiki Crystal Energy Healing!

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